“FrankenFive” and Why He Matters

FrankenFive I doubt there are many of us who have not read Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” at some time in our lives. At least we’ve seen the movie. So we all understand that Dr. Frankenstein made a creature out of human parts that, though it vaguely resembled a man, was clearly NOT a man. Dr. Frankenstein, in his laboratory, created something that had never existed in the real world.

Our tiny little FrankenFive,  as seen in the “stamp”, (Click here or see Page “New Evidence December 2013” to the left) is just as much of an unreal and manufactured creature as the 8 foot tall monster of nightmares. No one who sees it can have any doubt that it is made up of many parts that vaguely form the shape of what it represents. In other words, though it looks a  little bit like a five, it is clearly NOT a five. Just as the terrified villagers in Mary Shelley’s novel knew that  the Frankenstein creature was NOT a real man, we should be equally as terrified when we see the FrankenFive, because of what it represents. It is pretending to be real, it is being presented as being real but we know it is not real, and since we can be fairly sure it’s reasons for existing are not pure, we should be very wary and distrustful of it.

To be honest, I never really did understand why Dr. Frankenstein bothered to dig up all the dead bodies just to get parts to build another creature. He seemed like a nice guy with real friends. I think he just did it to prove he could. Egotism is not a great motive as motives go. But our little FrankenFive – he’s a different creature. He was created for a reason. He was created to replace the original number. With the original out of the way, he’s trying to create a new reality. But, like the novel, the original stamped number represents reality, the FrankenFive represents a fantasy.

The villagers were terrified and threatened by the monster, and they tried repeatedly to kill it, though they weren’t successful. We should be equally terrified  by our FrankenFive. His existence is threatening to us, and we should be trying to kill it by exposing it for what it is. It is a fraudulent manufactured number that was created for evil and nefarious purposes. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” It is a cloaked villain, it is hiding something.

To those who say, “Well okay, but it’s just one number. Maybe the rest of the certificate is real.” Let me shake a rolled up newspaper at them, “NO, NO and NO – bad thought –  BAD.” If the document were real and accurate and validly stamped in Hawaii, there would have been no need to change anything. They could have just posted it online “au natural”, in all it’s glory and said “In your face.” There would have been no need to go to the effort of creating Frankenfive. The only reason a fake Frankenfive was created was to cover up the fact that what it is “certifying”  is not real either.

We also have to remember that it really isn’t just one number. When you look closely, there is an army of FrankenCharacters on this document, but they are not as obvious and irrefutable as FrankenFive. The only reason I am concentrating on Frankenfive is because it is one of the few anomalies for which NO OTHER EXPLANATION exists. I can’t play devil’s advocate or say “what if” or “maybe this” on FrankenFive. The existence of FrankenFive on this document pushes the whole document into the world of fantasy.  Even though I think FrankenFive is actually very cute, and I’ve become quite attached to him – we villagers should be chasing him and his fantasmagorical document down the cobblestoned street with torches and spears. Like the real monster of old, the very existence of FrankenFive impacts our world negatively, and we can’t let him survive. We can’t just ignore him and  let him defeat us. Light the torches!


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