Barack Obama is the real “birther”, not Donald Trump

Okay –so here’s the deal – do you know who the original “birther” is? It is not Donald Trump, it is Barack Obama. His bio said “born in Kenya” for 16 years. I don’t care who took the fall for it at his publisher’s office, I do NOT believe that he was ignorant of what his bio said for 16 years. I don’t believe there is an author in the world that does not know what his/her bio says. It was on the publishers website, and was updated regularly. BHO is too smart to have been unaware of this. Obama Literary Agent Website Bio said “Born in Kenya” for 16 Years . I believe that Barack Obama used his Kenyan parentage to his advantage when it was convenient to do so (i.e. until he decided to run for president). It was interesting and exotic and very “black” to be from Kenya.  So, his bio was either a lie for 16 years, or it wasn’t. This is a valid question that America should have asked before we elected him.  So why should we say now that someone like Donald Trump is “racially biased” if he simply points out the fact that Obama himself used “born in Kenya”? Why shouldn’t this FACT of the “born in Kenya” bio be questioned as to its veracity? All we are asking is – was Obama born in Kenya as his bio stated, or in Hawaii as he NOW states?

So, let’s just stipulate now that Hawaii is the correct birthplace, and the 16 year bio was a lie or misstatement or whatever you want to call it. I am NOT a birther – I am a “birth certificate doubter”.  I believe 100% that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and his bio was a lie. I also believe 100% that what is being presented as his birth certificate is a forgery.  I came to this conclusion several years ago when I did my own research and analysis on what was being presented as the PDF file of the “real” certificate. Many others have found numerous problems with it – I’m not saying yeah or nay on those, all I know it what I KNOW from my own experience and observations.

More Evidence of Computer Generated Fraud on Obama’s Birth Certificate Date Stamp

“FrankenFive” and Why He Matters

What Makes Me a Low Tech Smarty Pants on

I also came to a rude awakening at that time (in 2011), that the concept of investigative journalism was dead. There are no more Woodward and Bernsteins out there looking for the truth. No one in the “media” wants to even entertain the concerns with this document – they just shut their eyes and spout the “conspiracy theorist” mantra, as if that will make the anomalies go away. Donald Trump, and yes – oooo –  Hillary Clinton’s people,  attempted in 2007 – 2012 to get someone in the media, or in the legal system to push this – it’s really an easy one for someone to do. In Hawaii there are big orange books with all the original documents in them.


Loretta Fuddy and the Hawaii birth certificate binders

The one with Obama’s certificate is locked up, and no one is allowed to see it. The woman who locked it up is dead (or disappeared) in smelly circumstances. Was The Death of the Obama Birth Certificate Verifier Caught on Video?

All I want to know, and I’m sure Donald Trump and millions of other people also want to know, is what THAT document says. Not what the PDF “certificate” says. Until someone official and completely bipartisan is allowed to see that book, this will NOT go away. We are not “birthers”, we are “truthers”. And this is not a “racist” request. John McCain was born in Panama, Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico, and Ted Cruz’s father was Cuban, and Ted was born in Canada.  We needed to see documents on these candidates also. So when Barack Obama himself said “born in Kenya” for 16 years, it is not “racist” to ask to see the documents that override this statement,  and it is not “racist” to question the veracity of the PDF document  that was presented. Good grief – this is just freakin’ common sense!!! God bless America.




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