Was The Death of the Obama Birth Certificate Verifier Caught on Video?

Since the day it was announced that Loretta Fuddy, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health who verified Obama’s birth certificate died mysteriously in a plane crash, there was some question of whether is was really  an “accident”. The authorities seem to be saying, yes. But, because of her close ties to the fraudulent Obama Birth Certificate,  many people fear that she was the most recent  in Obama’s “dead pool” and haven’t stopped looking for real answers. It seems  that amateur bloggers and Youtubers are the new Investigative Journalists in this new media society of “give the President a pass, or be a racist”.

I recently came across a video and still photos that were meticulously retrieved by a fellow blogger, from the Ferdinand Puentes GoCam videos that he took of the plane crash on December 11, 2013 in which  Loretta Fuddy  died. The photos can be found here:  http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/extras/ . She has more  shots there than I am showing, so check it out. Many thanks – great work!

The Puentes video originally aired on ABC in January 2014 and can be seen here. http://abcnews.go.com/US/harrowing-video-hawaiian-plane-crash-inside-cabin/story?id=21484715  The segment depicted below is at about 3:33 minutes in the video and lasts about 3 seconds.  There has been a lot of speculation about this “accident”, as so many things just don’t add up. The story of a tragic death was reported before rescuers had even gotten to the plane. First reports indicated someone remained in the plane, when in fact, all got out. And the only death was the one person who really might know the truth about Obama’s birth certificate. It took a month for vague autopsy results. The local police and the NTSB couldn’t decide who was in charge of the investigation into her death.

Dr. Fuddys death was declared to be from a problem with her heart – natural causes, and we’re all supposed to believe that it was all just a tragic accident, but after  seeing these photos, all doubt is gone. As I looked through the still shots taken from the video, my blood froze, because I knew what I was seeing. I am seeing a diver do something to Loretta Fuddy, which I assume was murder, and it chills me to the bone. I hope that law enforcement can be made aware of what seems to be shown in these pictures, so they can investigate it. Just look, please. Form your own opinion.

The first photos are reference photos  of what I think you’ll be able to see in the actual photos.  (they are NOT actual photos of the divers in the video- the shoe is really Dr. Fuddy’s)



The photos below are in sequence. The ones on the left are the originals – to the right I have highlighted what  I see. Beyond frightening. This whole video sequence takes about 3 seconds in real time.The series of photos shown below are the actual stills of the events that are shown on Ferdinand Puentes video. http://abcnews.go.com/US/harrowing-video-hawaiian-plane-crash-inside-cabin/story?id=21484715   These photos have been zoomed and cropped by Butterdezillion. In the GoPro video, the action is actually quite a distance away. You can click on any set to enlarge them to see better.

Start with Picture #1, and follow the sequence like a movie. I have labeled people and things on the right hand picture. This is Loretta Fuddy on the right and Keith Yamamoto on the left. He is looking at her. She is laying back into her flotation device. Her head is just visible and one shoe is visible. The shoe is important – and remember, all of this takes 3 seconds in real time.

Loretta Fuddy MurderLoretta Fuddy murderLoretta Fuddy MurderLoretta Fuddy Murder 4Loretta Fuddy Murder6 copy7 - Fuddy Murder8 Fuddy Murder9 Fuddy Murder10 Fuddy Murder

So, there you have it. Loretta Fuddy is floating in her life jacket holding hands with her Assistant, Keith Yamamoto. A diver completely dressed in black surfaces momentarily for about 3 seconds and seems to be doing something to her foot or leg. My theory is that he administered some  type of injection that ultimately caused Dr. Fuddy’s death. The he lets go and vanishes. The plan was not to be seen, but she may have felt something and pulled her foot away, and he had no choice but to surface to get to the foot. I have no idea why that would be so important, unless they felt that a medical examiner is less likely to see an injection site on a foot or ankle.

Others seem to think that what I see as a foot is a second diver, because Loretta Fuddy was wearing “Black shoes”. As we see from the top reference pictures, the shoes had a tan or beige sole, which with the lighting could easily brighten to light yellow. Look at the head of the man in the foreground – he’s yellow, too. Also, the  GoPro cameras have a slight fish-eye effect, due to the wide angle lense. It gives a convex appearance – where objects in the middle appear closer than objects on the sides, and distances are different, too – depending on where they are in the lense.  As we know the plane sank within 25 minutes, and it is still visible in the video, there are NOT rescue divers. The two hands holding the foot in picture #5 are what makes me sure of what I’m seeing. 

Picture # 5 shows two hands holding the yellow shoe, # 6 shows both hands releasing the shoe.


Even if I’m wrong about the shoe – this IS A DIVER who shouldn’t be there and is clearly up to no good. Whatever this is – it is frightening. I hope that the right people are made aware of this and that it can be followed up on appropriately.

FYI -this pictures terrifies me. What kind of world do we live in? The further implication to this photo is that this was a STAGED accident. It is no coincidence that a plane lost it’s engine within swimming distance of two divers/assassins. We also then have to wonder if the pilot was in on it, unless the divers were ON THE PLANE and the engine was sabotaged. Either way, someone planned this, and Dr. Fuddy is dead.

 Obama vacationed in Hawaii 10 days later. Had Dr. Fuddy indicated to the wrong people that she would like to “talk” to him about “things” i.e the fraudulent birth certificate she personally signed off on? Step up law enforcement and main stream media, before it’s too late for all of us, too.


100% Computer Generated Element on Obama Birth Certificate = Fraud

There is one “anomaly” on the birth certificate that is frequently mentioned, but has never been discussed. I think that’s because no one has any idea what to make of it. So it’s dismissed as “odd”. I’m going to tell why it’s more than “odd”. Because, I DO think I know what to make of it. It is a 100% computer generated element, and I can prove it step by step. If you want to see just the final comparison, skip to the bottom of the post. So what is this “anomaly”?


Very ODD scribble in the M.D. box

It’s the scribble in the M.D. box next to David Sinclair’s signature. I suppose we are to believe that this Doctor, who signed the certificate in such neat and elegant script, suddenly had some kind of seizure or pen malfunction that caused him to scribble all over – not just his own box, but the box above it, too. It’s not just a big black scrawled “X”, there appears to be something lighter colored under it, and several stray lines above it. It’s just too weird for me to dismiss without a second – or third look. It looks intentional and not at all natural.


High Resolution version of the FAKE computer generated “X”

So I decided to open the AP press version, which has a much higher resolution than the certificate with the green background  in Photoshop, because it is so much clearer and more detailed. This is what we see when we look at it zoomed in. Now this is looking very weird and very contrived. I dare you to write an “X” like this, right now. Pretend you’re filling out a form and need to mark a box. Is there ANY WAY that this is what you would do? I bet you can’t do it if you try. Because, it wasn’t done with a pen in 1961, or 2011, or EVER.

There are several other things wrong here, too.

  • For starters, the box itself is LARGER than all the other boxes. This is a  preprinted   form. The boxes should be the same size.
  • Second, is the very clear semicircle to the right of the center of the X. That is NOT a part of any natural hand drawn X.
  • There is also a lighter semicircle ABOVE the center of the “X” – not part of the “X”.
  • Also, the little lines above the X seem to start and stop on one side or the other of that big line. A natural scribble wouldn’t do that.

To me the whole “scribble” looked “manmade” i.e. computer generated, and it reeks of some kind of layering, and A LOT of graphic manipulation. I played around with the idea that parts of the signatures had been cut and pasted to make the “X”, but nothing fit those odd flares at the tips. I then decided to see if I could identify and/or recreate the base layer, which appears to be the lighter gray rounded area above the M.D. box. By adjusting the resolution in Photoshop, I decided that it most resembled a backwards “2”. To make a comparison, I typed a “2” next to the scribble, flipped it backward, and then started to run through the Photoshop fonts to see if I could find one that was a close match. I think I finally just ended up using Arial, but that’s not the important part now. The important part is what I saw when I used the font “segoe script”.


Note the flaring base on this number

And there it was. The base of the “2” appeared to match the swooping ends of the “X”. Just for fun, I erased the top of the two and dragged the base over to the original scribble and overlayed it. And to my absolute AMAZEMENT, with only a minor bit of rotating  and resizing, it matched the main parts of the “X” with 100% accuracy. This stunned me. Not only did the background of the scribble appear to be  two Arial “2” s, one gray and one black, but the main “X” was made of “2”s also. The scribble is a pile of “2”s. Before you tell me to get my tinfoil hat, just look at the 100% match – original and computer generated.


This is just down and dirty cut and paste with minimal reorientation and resizing – REMARKABLE MATCH, dontcha think? Mystery of the “X” solved, if you ask me. Here’s where the people who refuse to see the problems with this document will say, “Why would someone go to all that effort?” I can tell you what I think. Someone started with a blank certificate scanned into a graphics program, and they needed to add an “X” . They couldn’t just draw it in with a pen as there was no paper document. So they had to graphically design something that resembled handwriting. Pretty ingenious. I DO KNOW this “X’ was not made with a pen.  And I DO KNOW that this pile of “2”s is an irrefutable match. This “X” was computer generated. 

So with the “X” solved, I then turned my attention to the scribbles in the box above it. The more I looked at the scratches, the more I realized I KNEW what I was looking at. I was looking at FOUR MORE bases of segoe script “2”s – rotated and resized.

1comparioan2 copy

Again, this is just a quick cut and paste job – no real editing at this point – but the match is REMARKABLE. As to why they are there, I can only reference my own experience with Photoshop “drag and drop” elements and layering. A new element has to be dropped on the page from another page. If there are a lot of layers open, sometimes the element gets “misplaced”. Sometimes a layer that was hidden gets revealed by accident when another layer moves. It is complicated, but very possible for this type of error to occur when a lot of elements are being relocated in a GRAPHICS PROGRAM. It may also have been intentional.

1comparison3 copy

I have done a slight bit of erasing – I wasn’t trying to make it an exact match. My point wasn’t to duplicate the element exactly, the point was to show how easy it is to recreate the element just by cutting and pasting a whole pile of 2’s.  I know what “they” will say. “It’s just a coincidence.” Well, I think too many coincidences start to be a real Incidence. Nine times I was able to place the base of a segoe print “2” in positions to 100% match the original document. That stops being coincidence.


The one on the Right is the one I made today in Photoshop with Twos

On this comparison,  I printed the gray  example from above onto green bar paper, because that is how I believe the certificate was made, then I scanned it into the computer, which is what I think the White House did. It is the SAME as the original. This a fully computer generated element, as there is NO HANDWRITING involved in this scribble. As the whole certificate, in my opinion, is computer generated, the “X” had to be computer generated also. They couldn’t use real pen and ink, because there was no real paper certificate.  It was NOT copied directly from an old 1961 form. This “X’ doesn’t exist on any paper document prior to it’s creation in 2011.  It was MADE in a computer, as was the entire Obama Long Form Birth Certificate.

More on the FrankenFive Stamp that Proves the Obama Birth Certificate to be a Fraud

The FrankenFive and I have gotten very attached in the past few weeks, what with people trying to discredit him and saying  he’s just a “stamping mistake” instead of the incredibly fraudulent little creature he really is. (Read about him and my analysis here.)


But in an effort to discredit him, someone sent me a very clear scan of a date stamp from the Hawaii Department of Health  (which had nothing to do with Obama) to show me how “substantially similar” the “5” in the MAR 15 was to the FrankenFive in the Obama Birth Certificate APR 25. It’s a little like saying that George Clooney is “substantially similar” to George Carlin, but I digress. However,  this new scan was actually very helpful to my cause of proving that the FrankenFive is not only a strange little character, but that he is also NOT part of that stamper.

For those of you not familiar with the tedious chore of date stamping, there are a couple of pictures below of the most common types of date stamps. There are Four rollers that must be changed manually to set the date correctly. The YEAR is rolled into place in January. Each MONTH the roller is advanced to position at the bottom of the stamp. Each DAY there are TWO rollers that are changed to make the new day, both   0 – 9. The goal each day is to have them line up to make a straight line, then they get inked on a stamp pad, and when pressed down – voila – the correct date is stamped.  It’s not uncommon to have the DAY numbers be slightly higher or lower than the month and/or year, if you don’t take time each morning to set the alignment correctly.

rubber stamps

What IS NOT possible is for one number to move to the right or the left. These stamps are tight and sturdy without any “wiggle” room.  So when I lined them up to compare the “substantially similar” Fives, I noticed that they were not only very DISSIMILAR, what with one being a FrankenFive,  but….

  1. They WERE NOT in the same position on the “stamp”

I have place the correct REAL date stamp on the top, with the Obama Birth Certificate “stamp”  on the bottom. The red lines and dots show that they are scaled and aligned correctly. The blue brackets on the “R” shows that the two stamps are the same height. All the other numbers  and letters line up 100%.

Click to enlarge - see the many differences in the "fives" - that should be the same as they came from the same stamp!

Click to enlarge – see the many differences in the “fives” – that should be the same as they came from the same stamp!

Except for the FrankenFive.  Not only does he not look like the REAL five, but he is too close to the 2011, and he is significantly taller than the real five. (note the blue brackets to the left of the fives. The brackets are the same size.)  FrankenFive is a one of a kind. He is not a STAMP. He was computer generated. (see my analysis here) And now, thanks to his detractor, I can show that the FrankenFive could not have been part of the same stamp that stamped the MAR 15  just 6 weeks earlier.

People have asked me “Why would anyone bother to make a fake computer generated stamp?” That’s a very good question, and I don’t know the answer. Two possibilities come to mind.  First, what I have proposed on my analysis – it was a “6” and because the White House said Obama’s lawyers picked up the Birth Certificate in Hawaii on the 25th  it was necessary to change the 6 to a 5, and whoever was responsible for doing it had limited time and minimal resources and/or skills. Second, it’s absolutely possible that whoever did this WANTED it to be spotted to flag this Obama Birth Certificate as a fraud. If so, we are letting them down.

What I DO KNOW is that someone DID make a fraudulent “stamp”. And I am still looking for a “better” answer to how the FrankenFive  came to exist. I’d be glad to hear new ideas. But, as it stands now, without a valid registrars stamp, this entire birth certificate becomes worthless.  It is outrageous that this has been foisted on us by our president. It is even more outrageous that as a country we aren’t standing up for ourselves and demanding to be shown the original certificate. I cannot even imagine the depths of what he must be hiding from us.

As an aside, the person who personally verified that this was a true and valid document was Dr. Loretta Fuddy, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health. She supposedly died mysteriously following a plane accident in December 2013. She had been subpoenaed several times to provide the actual birth certificate. I think it was getting to the point where she wasn’t going to be able to ignore the subpoenas indefinitely. The circumstances of the “death” are exceedingly odd. So odd in fact, that I’m starting to wonder if this accident was staged. They were all in on it and she is alive and well and retired somewhere else now, but more on that later. The point is, Dr. Loretta  Fuddy KNEW that what is on the whitehouse.gov website as the official  long form birth certificate is either a fraud, to which she was an accomplice, OR – that it is NOT the document that she certified. Either way, she’s 65 and she wanted to get out now. For her sake,  I hope it worked, but I wish she had straightened this whole Birth Certificate fiasco out first.

Three Hawaii Stamps – You Decide Which One Is the From the Obama FAKE Birth Certificate

I recently had a little back and forth comment with someone who felt that my analysis of the FrankenFive (click here to see the analysis) was ridiculous, and he proposed that there were many other “better” ways of explaining the anomaly. I responded that I was fully prepared to admit that I DO NOT KNOW exactly what happened to make the FrankenFive, but that it was obvious that something was wrong with it, and that I would be glad to hear his “better “ways.

I got back a cut and paste description of what a Xerox Work Flow scanner does with regard to compressing and using algorithms and interpolating and rasterizing bitmaps and BLAH  BLAH  BLAH. I said, “So sorry, but that random bunch of technical words doesn’t make any more sense than my idea.”

To which he sent back the top two scans seen below, showing a JUN 6, 2007 stamp and a MAR 15, 2011 stamp from the Hawaii Department of Health. He said to take note how “substantially similar” they were to the White House scan and that it was probably nothing but a stamping error on the Obama Fake Birth Certificate, and why would anybody bother to fake a stamp when they could just buy their own blah, blah, blah. He basically admitted that the scanner didn’t do it – so obviously  it must be a bad stamp. First of all a “bad stamp” didn’t do this, and to me, “substantially similar” means DIFFERENT!!!

But what I mostly got from this interaction were two very nice scans of date stamps from Hawaii. I think, in reality, all we have to do to decide if the Obama Birth Certificate (downloaded from www.whitehouse.gov) is Fake is to look at these three scans as shown below. Click on the picture below, then zoom in on them – you decide which one isn’t real.

Three Hawaii stamps - you decide which one is the Obama Fake Scanned Certificate

Three Hawaii stamps – you decide which one is the Obama Fake Scanned Certificate

Talk about “Low Tech” – all we need are our eyeballs and brains to figure this one out. The top two definitely look like stamps. If you zoom in, look at the clarity of the letter and the clear definition of the green lines on the paper. That’s because actual paper was being scanned.

The bottom one – oh my goodness…. this is a 100% fail as a “scan”. Not only is there a “FrankenFive” and an “X” in the word “THE”, but the white halo around all the lettering WOULD NOT be present in a scan. If there was not white halo on the real “paper” there would NOT BE a white halo on the scan. A white Halo is an artifact of a graphics “cut and paste” process. Even the green “paper” is all wrong. Compare it to the one right above it that came from the same department in March. Note that the colors are evenly distributed as a range of greens. The Fake Certificate again shows something akin to the white haloing again – some green bars on a mostly white background. NOT REAL PAPER.

This really just couldn’t be any more clear – this is a fake certificate – or maybe the fact that it is SO UNCLEAR it what makes it so clear. And the whole idea of “substantially the same” as an excuse doesn’t cut it. If someone gives you a scanned copy of your paycheck and the numbers aren’t clear, do you think the bank will take it because it’s “substantially the same”?   NO! And we shouldn’t take this certificate at face value either.

If it Looks Like a Typewriter, but Quacks like a Word Processor, it’s Probably Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

Click this to enlarge -  Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

Click this to enlarge – Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

I have been quite surprised lately by how many people do NOT remember what a typewriter was, much less know how one worked. A typewriter is sort of an old fashioned word processor. When word processing came into the world in ..hmm.. the late 70s and early 80’s, it actually had a tough row to hoe in replacing the typewriter. I remember the computer lab in college where we could go to use the new “word processors’”. It was generally empty. We were pretty happy with what a typewriter and correction fluid did, and even though the idea of being able to add and delete text was intriguing,  it was very  complicated to learn, and most of us just stuck  with the typewriter.

What we mostly wanted was something that would neatly and accurately transcribe our ideas to paper in organized lines and neat type.  So, a typewriter did basically what this Word program is doing right now as I type. Letters are being neatly arranged in the proper size and spacing to make an easy to read sentence.  When I hit “enter” or start a new sentence, each new line starts just the proper distance from the one above it. We don’t expect our letters and lines to be randomly spaced and erratic in word processing. That is exactly what a typewriter did. The letters were neatly spaced and aligned and when we hit the “return bar”, which was the manual form of the “enter” button, the roller advanced the paper up the correct amount of lines, and the operator  manually pushed the roller back to the left tab of the paper and a little bell rang when you got there. There was no thought involved to the vertical spacing of the line. We had to think through horizontal things like indents, and word spacing on forms, but vertical line spacing took care of itself.  As long as one started correctly on the top line, each successive line would space itself out accurately from top to bottom. Forms were purposely printed to accurately match this line spacing ability.

It’s the line spacing feature, or maybe the lack thereof, that is one of the primary concerns to many on the Obama birth certificate. Letter alignment is as also an issue. I’ll document some of my concerns here. I have compared this document to the birth certificates typed the next day, August 5, 1961 for Susan and Gretchen Nordyke, born in the same hospital. These certificates show NONE of the issues I’ll point out.

LINE 3 –

As you can see by the red line I’ve drawn, the words Male, the “X” in the box and August line up very nicely. Then for some reason, all the numbers drop off and are typed MUCH lower AND on an angle. In fact the two “4”s don’t even line up with themselves. It’s odd that the critical information needed to match the Obama short form birth certificate produced in 2008, which is the date and the time, appear to be added or changed after the fact. A  typist in 1961 would have no reason to stop and realign her page, and do it crookedly.

LINES 6 – 16

This is where the line spacing becomes critical. If we assume that the typist started Line 3 at a good level, and it appears she did from the words Male and August, a typewriter would space each successive line at the same height above the form line. I used a letter “o” to show the spacing of each line. I used Blue letters to show accurate spacing and red letters to show deviant line spacing.

Line 4 – is well spaced below Line 3 GOOD

Line 5 – note there quite a bit more space between the letters and the  line that the previous  two lines. A typewriter would NOT have spaced this here. BAD

Line 6 – These words are TOO CLOSE to the line. Again, a typewriter would not do this. BAD

Line 15 – WAY TOO close to the line  – BAD

As other birth certificates typed in August for this hospital don’t show these discrepancies,  I have to wonder, why this one has such problems.  To me, it looks like a cut and paste job, which can only be done in a graphics program, if text from another source were dropped onto this form. A competent typist would NOT do this, and did NOT do this on other forms.

Misaligned letters

BOX 9 and BOX 11

These boxes concern me for a different reason. Though the line height is good, in these two boxes and ONLY these two boxes, the letters are NOT LINED UP.  I’m not worried about the capitals. If the shift key wasn’t fully depressed, it’s was possible to get a misaligned capital letter on a typewriter. I AM worried however, about the number of lower case letters that are out of line. The letters just seemed to be placed anywhere. Again, a typewriter would not do this, and it doesn’t occur ANYWHERE else on this form. Cut and paste in a graphics program would do this. Bringing letters over on a computer from another source to spell these words would account for this. A TYPEWRITER IS NOT  FLEXIBLE ENOUGH TO DO THIS.

It is particularly important to the fraud idea that it is these two boxes that show the anomaly, as it is the contention of many professionals that there is NO POSSIBILITY that these words could have or would have been used in 1961. The word African is a nationality and not a race, and in 1961 the only option for a person of color would have been Negro. The Registrar who signed these forms in 1961, Verna K E Lee has attested to that. And Kenya did not exist as a country until 1964. I think whoever did this forgery did not do their history research.  As the phrase goes, “The devil is in the details.” My fondest wish is that it IS  the details that will undo this particular devil.

Speaking of details, please look at my page to the left or click here “New Evidence – December 2013 – Computer Generated Registrars Stamp” Very cool anomaly!

“FrankenFive” and Why He Matters

FrankenFive I doubt there are many of us who have not read Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” at some time in our lives. At least we’ve seen the movie. So we all understand that Dr. Frankenstein made a creature out of human parts that, though it vaguely resembled a man, was clearly NOT a man. Dr. Frankenstein, in his laboratory, created something that had never existed in the real world.

Our tiny little FrankenFive,  as seen in the “stamp”, (Click here or see Page “New Evidence December 2013” to the left) is just as much of an unreal and manufactured creature as the 8 foot tall monster of nightmares. No one who sees it can have any doubt that it is made up of many parts that vaguely form the shape of what it represents. In other words, though it looks a  little bit like a five, it is clearly NOT a five. Just as the terrified villagers in Mary Shelley’s novel knew that  the Frankenstein creature was NOT a real man, we should be equally as terrified when we see the FrankenFive, because of what it represents. It is pretending to be real, it is being presented as being real but we know it is not real, and since we can be fairly sure it’s reasons for existing are not pure, we should be very wary and distrustful of it.

To be honest, I never really did understand why Dr. Frankenstein bothered to dig up all the dead bodies just to get parts to build another creature. He seemed like a nice guy with real friends. I think he just did it to prove he could. Egotism is not a great motive as motives go. But our little FrankenFive – he’s a different creature. He was created for a reason. He was created to replace the original number. With the original out of the way, he’s trying to create a new reality. But, like the novel, the original stamped number represents reality, the FrankenFive represents a fantasy.

The villagers were terrified and threatened by the monster, and they tried repeatedly to kill it, though they weren’t successful. We should be equally terrified  by our FrankenFive. His existence is threatening to us, and we should be trying to kill it by exposing it for what it is. It is a fraudulent manufactured number that was created for evil and nefarious purposes. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” It is a cloaked villain, it is hiding something.

To those who say, “Well okay, but it’s just one number. Maybe the rest of the certificate is real.” Let me shake a rolled up newspaper at them, “NO, NO and NO – bad thought –  BAD.” If the document were real and accurate and validly stamped in Hawaii, there would have been no need to change anything. They could have just posted it online “au natural”, in all it’s glory and said “In your face.” There would have been no need to go to the effort of creating Frankenfive. The only reason a fake Frankenfive was created was to cover up the fact that what it is “certifying”  is not real either.

We also have to remember that it really isn’t just one number. When you look closely, there is an army of FrankenCharacters on this document, but they are not as obvious and irrefutable as FrankenFive. The only reason I am concentrating on Frankenfive is because it is one of the few anomalies for which NO OTHER EXPLANATION exists. I can’t play devil’s advocate or say “what if” or “maybe this” on FrankenFive. The existence of FrankenFive on this document pushes the whole document into the world of fantasy.  Even though I think FrankenFive is actually very cute, and I’ve become quite attached to him – we villagers should be chasing him and his fantasmagorical document down the cobblestoned street with torches and spears. Like the real monster of old, the very existence of FrankenFive impacts our world negatively, and we can’t let him survive. We can’t just ignore him and  let him defeat us. Light the torches!

Einstein, Eeyore and Obama’s Birth Certificate Fraud

You know I’m perturbed when I’m about to quote Obama, Einstein, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh and a fortune cookie all on the same page. The story started Christmas day with the family around the table – just like Norman Rockwell would paint, except for the Pepsi bottle on the table. I had my recently analyzed Registrars Stamp paper with me – (Click here – or see  Page to the left “New Evidence December 2013”) AKA “What I did with my Christmas Vacation”, and was all a tingle to show it to them.

My family is the kind of family that we’d like America to be.  Smart and funny, decently fit and all well employed – a doctor, a professor, a policeman, a CPA , a real estate agent and a pilot – All six nieces and nephews in college or about to be. We also happen to be staunch republicans who are fairly well versed in politics, “thanks” to my parents.  So, I thought they would be thrilled and ecstatic to see what I considered to be – if not a smoking gun, at least a flaming arrow, in the false Obama document saga, and my plan to make Obama go away like a bad dream.

I learned two things that day at the table. First, most people are woefully ignorant und unaware of  the most basic functions and abilities of the simplest of office equipment – the typewriter, the copier, the scanner, the printer and the rubber stamp. All of a sudden my lowly job as an office manager made me feel like a rocket scientist. And I think, as a society, we’ve become so digitized we really have forgotten that there are things that are made of ink and paper and are therefore subject  to the rules of physical reality. These smart people really didn’t seem to grasp the importance of the fact that something that was supposed to be a rubber stamped piece of paper was DIFFERENT than a computer generated stamped piece of paper. One is REAL the other IS NOT REAL.

My mother didn’t even exactly understand what a rubber stamp was and how it worked. She thought the fraud was that the numbers didn’t line up. I guess all my years of turning the little wheel  on my desk date stamp every morning to get the right date to do my job finally paid off – 4 years of college wasted. I had to explain a rubber stamp.

And my brother wanted to know why they bothered changing the number – it seemed irrelevant to him either way  – 25 – 26 – whatever. I almost threw mashed potatoes at him while patiently reemphasizing “That’s not the point! The point is that it WAS CHANGED on a computer. It is NOT A RUBBER STAMP!” Again – we couldn’t get past the rubber stamp and the fact that a computer should have been nowhere near this document.  And here’s where I quote the fortune cookie “Action speaks nothing without the motive”. My brother was fully prepared to overlook the action (computer fraud) because he didn’t know the motive. Sadly, I think many, many people are in that boat. They don’t understand WHY someone would do something like that. Therefore they can’t categorize the action. So they shrug it off  and move on.

Let’s quote Einstein now, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” This president has falsified his documents. And we DO know why – because something is really wrong with his past and he is trying to hide it.  And as his employer, we DESERVE to know what the problem is. I asked my brother, “If some guy starts dating your daughter, and pulling her down the wrong path, and you suspect that he might be hiding something, or that he’s not who he says he is – are you just going to shrug that off?” Of course not! In that case, the “shoot first, ask questions later” rule comes into play.  My CPA sister-in-law does employee background checks and wouldn’t hire someone with fake documents, my real estate agent sister-in-law does background checks and won’t represent anyone “fraudulent”, my brother the policeman would investigate identity fraud  of “regular people” as a possible crime,  and they can’t date our daughters if we’re not sure of their background – but they can be president!

Finally, let’s summarize the meal by quoting Eeyore. ” That was my other brother – the policeman – who I really thought would be the one to “get it”. “Look, see – it’s a crime, right?” – I pointed out. To which he said, “You’re preaching to the choir, but”…and here is Eeyore – “Oh, bother. It’s too late now. Nobody is going to do anything.” And my mother chimed in, “Yes, it’s too late. We can’t get him out of office. He won’t leave – and if he is ineligible, what would happen if we did get him out, all the legislation would fall apart, and there would be riots.” And Eeyore again, “Oh bother, I guess we’ll just have to try and survive three more years.”

After this somewhat disheartening meal, I consoled myself with pie, and strengthened my resolve to turn these defeatist quotes around and get this information out, and Obama, too. Here’s the  Obama quote:

“The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” REVERSE IT – “People with something to hide, don’t want to disclose the truth.”  Now that makes more sense, doesn’t it? This statement, by the way, covers the fortune cookie quote too, about action and motive. Having something to hide is a motive  – falsifying documents is the action.

Now Einstein, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” REVERSE IT – “The world CANNOT be destroyed by those who do evil, if those who watch do something to stop it.”

Finally instead of being Eeyore and not “bothering”, let’s be Christopher Robin. Anything is possible if you have a goal and plan, and start the hike. This stamp analysis and blog  are my first steps. I hope millions more start the first step to “bothering”, too – before it really is too late. It seems to me nearly half the country didn’t vote for Obama, and millions more have started to see him for what he really it. We have the numbers if we just start to “bother”.  And  I will  admit, I am very curious to find out WHAT he’s hiding. I’m not sure I even really care what the answer is at this point. It’s a “who dunnit” that’s gone on too long, like some Stephen King novels (sorry Stephen). I mostly just want to know “Who done What and Why.” And no matter what the answer is, it is still fraud, and still a crime, and he still needs to get out of office NOW.