New Evidence, December 2013 – Computer Generated Registrars Stamp – Obama’s Birth Certificate Fraud

newevidence3 copy



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  5. Perhaps Occam’s razor principle should be invoked regarding photo-copied images (prone to micro-distortions) of rubber-stamped characters (highly prone to dirt and lint sticking to the sticky rubber stamp, thereby causing anomalies when pressed to paper). There is also the problem of the amount of unnecessary manipulation your theory proposes when one could simply erase and draw a correct number 5 and skip any cutting and pasting of letter fragments. Also, one could simple clone any one of other 5s that appear on the “document”. Who would notice?

    Also, the Shelia Richardson birth certificate of March 15, 2011 has a 5 in the “15” that looks an awful lot like that in Obama’s only cleaner. And remember, if the forger was given access to Hawaiian records, access was probably also had to the date stamp so no need would exist to photoshop a number.

    • First of all lint doesn’t make a stamp get odd, sharp angled protuberances. And regarding the Mar 15 – it looks nothing like the 25. Different size, different shape, different positioning. I don’t think this was done in Hawaii – no stamp access. And as to WHY they did this “5”, you said it best about your three…”can’t be assumed to be anything other than a covert signature of the forger after finishing his or her careful efforts of creating a credible fake. It’s a way for the ego to say to a trusted insider, look, I made this, and here’s my proof” Why can’t that apply to my five, too?? Just sayin..

  6. Having been on the trail of this Usurper since before the 2008 election, I have read nearly everything there has been published about him. I found one of your statements/questions, most salient: WHO IS HE…and I do not believe he is, nor has he ever been, nor will he ever be, eligible to the office of the Presidency.
    But that aside, and pertaining to your examination of the LFBC…you have gone to excruciating detail to make note of the obvious fraud being heralded as a birth certificate for the putative “president”. He needed some sort of documentation to relieve his diseased mind of the fleeting shadow of fear of exposure..but only a fleeting one, since it is obvious he is nothing more than a well crafted advertisement for Marxist-Socialist Collective misery.

    You have done well to name your little beast the Franken-Five, for it is succinctly demonstrative of the owner…he is bits and pieces of ideologies fashioned into a living, breathing, lying leviathan of destruction.

    But let’s not dwell on the highlights…The “5”. I have examined the “5” closely, and I think you made one very minor detour you didn’t need to make…the “T” was not necessary to arrive at the numeral, from a 6. A simple printing of the image and I can do it with my crayons! However, if indeed there is a “T” used, it may indicated the forgers icon, initial or trademark signature, as having been used before to indicate his other works.

    Yet, with all your hard work, and I am in great admiration of it, it was superfluous…the plain and simple fact is, he wasn’t eligible to the office he declared candidacy for. He was born with dual citizenship, and even that is a stretch, since his mother was not old enough at the time of his birth to confer citizenship to her son, if indeed he is her legitimate offspring (and there has been conjecture on that as well). Hence, under Constitutional Article II, Section I, Clause 5, he is forever indemnified from the office, based on his father’s non-citizenship status.

    Mr. Soetoro and his supporters, benefactors and sycophants have perpetrated the single most egregious fraud upon any people, anywhere in the history of the planet.

    And God is watching……

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