Obama wouldn’t pass a security clearance check

I’m re-posting this because IT ROCKS! Racer Jim posted this on    http://www.birtherreport.com/2014/08/scotus-shattering-8-prominent-groups.html

Even ignoring all the fake birth certificate stuff, and the invalid SSN … this is the best summary of who managed to get elected (through massive fraud on multiple levels) to the highest position in the United States. The person described below would have trouble passing a security clearance to work as a clerk at the White House. This is an embarrassment to the United States, and a reason why we, as a people, really must demand more proof of who our elected officials really are.

FYI – this is all factual and well verified information. If only someone had bothered to check before 2007. Thumbs down MSM. When i get a chance, I will fill in the blanks on this – but read it and weep.

“What I find suspicious is someone who was born to a Muslim Marxist father and an Atheist Communist mother, whose father’s parents also were Muslim Marxists and whose mother’s parents also were Atheist Communists, who spent five years attending grade school in an Islamic (Muslim) country registered under a different name as a citizen of that Islamic (Muslim) country, who was mentored by a radical Marxist member of the Communist Party of the Untied States of America during his teenage and early college years, who sought out and associated with radical Communists and Marxists during college, who was then mentored for twenty years by a Marxist “GOD DAMN AMERICA” Black Theology preacher, who had his political career initiated by the domestic terrorist couple who founded the radical Communist organization “Weather Underground”, who committed perjury on his law license application, who denounced the U.S. Constitution as a doctrine of negative liberties and allowed his publicist’s bio of him to say he was Kenyan born for 17 years through 3-4 revisions running for President of the Untied State of America. 

For crying out loud, all the above notwithstanding, in 2008 the Democratic Party of Hawaii INTENTIONALLY deleted the required by Hawaii law verbiage “under the provision’s of the United States Constitution” from the certification statement on it’s “Official Certification Of Nomination”…effectively certifying Obama not eligible to serve as President. That’s Obama’s own party in his own (birth) state trying to prevent him from being elected. “

Racer jim


What Makes Me a Low Tech Smarty Pants on Document Analysis

I have followed the Obama long form birth certificate fraud case since the beginning, as it was quite obvious that there WAS fraud – for many reasons, all of which have been well documented by the “experts”. I must admit, when the press and the public chose to ignore the facts, and Obama “won” the 2012 elections – I dropped it, like almost everyone else as a “lost cause”.

Then Dr. Loretta Fuddy died under mysterious circumstances a week or so ago, which concerned me by it’s sheer coincidence – and I started looking again at the documents. I hadn’t previously read the analysis by Mara Zebest, or seen the  High Resolution AP version of the certificate. One of her findings had to do with being to see elements of the Short Form Birth Certificate that bleed through on the Long Form copy and are visible at high zoom by  enhancing the contrast/color etc.

I did this and was astonished to see that this was so – something that shouldn’t be there was. So with the high zoom and high contrast, I started looking at other elements that look “odd” at normal size and found several things  – the most egregious being the problem with the date stamp. It is computer generated – not a rubber stamp as I’ve clearly documented on Page Link to the left – Computer Generated Registrars Stamp  –  Birth Certificate Fraud. There are others, and I will document them shortly.

So, what exactly makes me so particularly qualified to understand and see the fraudulent elements in this document? Well, to start with, my brain loves a good puzzle, I see patterns easily, and I believe nothing until I see it with my own eyes or ears. I’m very tactile, I take things apart to see how they work. I take nothing at face value. Most people who know me find me a little annoying because of these attributes. Wait a minute till I stop crying. Boo hoo.

Secondarily, and maybe more importantly, my age and career path allowed and/or forced me to have an extensive knowledge and understanding of just about every piece of office  equipment used since 1982. I learned to type (with all my fingers) on a manual typewriter with the return bar and the keys on the metal bars. Most people have never seen them. I had an IBM Selectric with the ball in college – boy was I cool. I remember white out and eraseable paper. Changes on real paper were NOT fun or easy, like nowadays. I remember having to retype entire pages if I needed to add information. I KNOW what an uneditable paper document is. I know what it would have taken to type this birth certificate in 1961.

My first job brought me into contact with the first fax machines, and the first Hewlett Packard computers with modems for data entry and transmissions. I also did all the clerical stuff – typing forms, running calculator tapes, rubber stamping deposits.  In those days “cut and paste” really meant you sat at your desk with a pair of scissors and cut up documents and scotch taped them back together in some new configuration, then copied it to make a new document. So I know “cut and paste” from way back. All the crooked lines and the shadows from the tape were hard to hide. If you bumped up the contrast on the copier, it helped but – you couldn’t  do them what you can do now with computers. Oddly, cut and paste on a computer can be nearly flawless. I am actually a little baffled by the crudity and ineptness on this document. I wonder if someone was TRYING to flag this as fraud. Hmmm. If so, we’re letting them down by ignoring it.

So back to office equipment. Computers came in next with Lotus123 database. At that time I was stuck in a deadly dull desk job, and I mastered Lotus123. There was nothing I couldn’t do with that program. I learned fonts and pixels and WYSIWYG. My next job brought me WordPerfect – the original where you had to have markers stuck all over the keyboard to remember the formatting shortcuts. Again, the logic of it appealed to me and I aced it.  Internet came in about that time – and AskJeeves (pre Google). I got a modem and dial up and was surfing when there wasn’t anything to surf.

Then technology exploded. My first digital camera was 1 megapixel. I got a color inkjet printer that came with Photoshop. I’ve had about 5 printers and 3 cameras since then, but I still use my original Photoshop, though I have 8 and 9 and Illustrator, because I know how to use it really well after a decade and half. I got a $1300 flatbed scanner 12 years ago and still use it, though the new $99 OCR document scanner gets more use these days. I now run a small office where I do everything, and as technology moves on, I keep up. And I keep learning.

So there you go. No high tech analysis from me. But I do KNOW what a copy looks like versus a scan. I know what a copier can and can’t do. I know a scanner can be used as a copier to print, but it can also be used to digitize and edit. I know how to edit. I understand pixels and layers and imports and masks. And unlike the old days of “cut and Paste” with tape and scissors, I know what the Adobe products can do. It’s a little scary actually. So, if I see a REAL photocopy, I know what I’m seeing. A copier is full of mirrors. It can only print what it actually sees. If I see scanned copy – all bets are off. I just don’t know where that document has been or what it’s been up to.

I KNOW this Birth Certificate was NEVER copied on a photocopier. This certificate was in a binder with 500 other forms according to the Hawaii Dept. of Health. You can see the way the pages are supposedly folded back on the left. But if this were a photocopy, there would NOT  be the neat little box around the form, and you’d see the edges of the other forms in the book, and shadows because the lid wouldn’t close tightly over a book. NOT a PHOTOCOPY.  The nice neat cropped rectangle around the form indicates that at best it was scan copied and printed. At worst it never even existed in real life and only exists in a digital form, so any print made of it is just a physical representation of the digital document, and that could change day to day. A real paper document can only be changed with white out, scissors and tape – hard to hide. Digital document – easy to hide changes.

That’s why the rubber stamp matters. If it was a Scanned copy of a REAL document, that’s okay – if someone certifies with a REAL hand stamp that nothing has digitally changed between the scanner and the printer. This Birth certificate does NOT HAVE A RUBBER STAMP. It is computer generated – what we are seeing never existed on paper before it was created. And Dr. Fuddy, who certified it,  isn’t here anymore to help us understand what happened. That’s scary, too.

Keep the faith. This is fraud and is a federal crime. There are criminals in the White House.