Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald and a Pretty Girl in a Bikini.

Donald Trump puts the name Rafael Cruz Sr. and Lee Harvey Oswald into the same sentence, and after a year long battle, Ted Cruz stunned us all by throwing in the towel. First though, he had a hissy fit and called Trump an immoral narcissistic and a pathological liar. But he didn’t deny the claim. “This is nuts.” is not a denial. As expected, the media jumped all over Trump for trucking with “conspiracies”, but do you know what? Where there is smoke, there is often fire. There are actually pages and pages of information outlining the inconsistencies in Rafael Cruz’s background – the words CIA, Cuba, Castro, New Orleans and Dallas are used a lot –all of which apply to Lee Harvey Oswald, too. The National Enquirer used a picture that they claim shows Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald together in August of 1963 in New Orleans. The resolution isn’t great, and I’d give it a 50/50 chance of being Cruz.

But there is another photo out there that is much more interesting. I’d give this one a much higher chance of being Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald together in what appears to be a very friendly and social situation. There has been speculation that the woman in the picture in one of Jack Ruby’s strippers, but she’s also been possibly identified as Marina Oswald.  If it is one of Jack Ruby’s girls, that would open a whole other can of speculative worms.


Rafael Cruz?, Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina – Jack Ruby’s girl?


Comparison of known photos of Rafael Cruz with suspected photo with Lee Harvey Oswald


Various photos of Marina Oswald


Jack Ruby and a friend








And either way, it could give credence to the Cruz-Oswald connection, and it seems like that is something we should know, because it does matter if our elected leaders are who they say they are. I think Ted’s hug with his Dad (at the expense of his wife’s nose) when he suspended his campaign showed the understanding between them of the “what and why fore” of Ted’s announcement that night in Indiana.

If Rafael Sr. had stayed in the background maybe this would all be a decades old non-issue, but he chose to put himself front and center as an influential figure in Rafael Jr. (Ted’s) campaign – and that makes his past fair game. It would be a wonderful use of the first amendment if the professional media would actually investigate the possibilities here, instead of burying their collective heads in the sands of denial on the grounds of “it’s a conspiracy theory” – which really means, we’re too lazy and scared of our own reputations to look into it, so we’ll just make fun of people and “censor” those who question the “party line”.

These are just a few of the sites that have pretty extensive research on the Rafael Cruz’s background and the possible Oswald connection – just sayin….