Faithless Execution – Impeachment is a matter of political will

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Note: This column is adapted from a speech given in New York City on May 29, announcing the publication of Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment.

Impeachment is a matter of political will, not high crimes and misdemeanors.

By Andrew C. McCarthy, Published May 31, 2014 on National

Faithless Execution is about presidential lawlessness.

Specifically, my new book, which Encounter Books will release this week, is about how the Framers of our Constitution fully anticipated that a president could fail to honor his core duty to execute the laws faithfully – could fail to meet his basic fiduciary obligations to the American people.

Viewing the Obama presidency through the prism of these constitutional norms, Faithless Execution argues that we are experiencing a different kind of presidential lawlessness than our nation has ever known: a systematic undermining of our governing framework, willfully carried out by a…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging, patriot! The McCarthy article reinforces the idea that for an actual impeachment to happen, there’ll have to be a public outcry. A bunch of us conservatives wanting it won’t make it so. His article may wake up a few more LIVs to the accumulation of misdeeds committed by Obama – and hopefully, rouse them to action.

    I did read several of your pieces on the certificate issue and you reinforce the other evidence I’ve read on the subject. I wish more “ordinary” non-political citizens would read just a few of the many articles written on the issue and realize that Obama has been an integral part of a fraudulent birth certificate scam, and he has committed what I’ve called “the worst crime in American history.”

    Kudos for your investigative work.

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